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"Savor the Rhythmic Delights of Live Jazz by the Sherri Pie Duo, September at Don Pepe's Peruvian"

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Welcome to My first Blog!

There's a vibrant rhythm in the air every Friday night in September in Jamesburg, New Jersey, and it all converges at Don Pepe's Peruvian Restaurant. With the mesmerizing tunes of The Sherri Pie Duo, the fusion of live music, delectable cuisine, and Latin-style beverages creates an experience like no other. Join us as we explore the enchanting world of's performances and the culinary delights at Don Pepe's located at 25 East Railroad Avenue in Jamesburg NJ. The Rhythmic Maestros is not just a musical act; they are a phenomenon. Led by the dynamic duo of Sherri Ehrlich on vocals and her exceptional pianist, and husband Charles Clarke, they bring a unique blend of live music that transcends genres. From timeless classics to contemporary hits, their repertoire knows no bounds. Every note they play is infused with passion and soul, creating an unforgettable musical journey.

When: Every Friday Night in September

Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Where: Don Pepe's Peruvian Restaurant, 25 E. Railroad Ave., Jamesburg, New Jersey

The Culinary Extravaganza at Don Pepe's

Don Pepe's Peruvian Restaurant is a hidden gem in Jamesburg, with a second location smack in the middle of downtown Freehold NJ, offering a mouthwatering array of Peruvian cuisine that tantalizes taste buds and transports diners straight to the heart of Peru. Their menu showcases a rich tapestry of flavors, from succulent ceviche to savory empanadas and lomo saltado. Don Pepe's is renowned for its commitment to authenticity, ensuring that every dish reflects the vibrant essence of Latin cuisine.

Pair your meal with a refreshing pisco sour, the iconic Peruvian cocktail, or explore their carefully curated selection of Latin-style beverages to complement the evening's festivities.'s live performances promise an evening of music that will linger in your heart long after the night is over.

Don't miss the Culinary Voyage, Don Pepe's Peruvian Restaurant offers an authentic and delectable journey through Peru, with each dish telling a unique story. Come enjoy theVibrant atmosphere with the fine fusion of music, cuisine, and Latin-style beverages, Don Pepe's creates an atmosphere that's lively, warm, and inviting. It's not just an event; it's a chance to connect with fellow music lovers and food enthusiasts in your community.

Don Pepe's welcomes families, making it a perfect opportunity to introduce your loved ones to the joys of live music and global cuisine. The Sherri Pie Duo's Friday night performances at Don Pepe's Peruvian Restaurant in Jamesburg, New Jersey, offer a captivating fusion of live music and Latin culinary excellence. Whether you're seeking a memorable date night, a family outing, or a chance to unwind with friends, this experience promises to be nothing short of magical. Mark your calendar and be prepared to savor the rhythms of life this September at Don Pepe's with It's an event you won't want to miss! As Frank Sinatra once said..."Let float down to Peru in Llama Land there's a one man band and he'll toot his flute for you!!!

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