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Sherri Ehrlich aka: Sherri Pie & Miss Sherri

Sherri is a personality that will never get old as long as her top hat doesn’t catch a breeze and fly off her head, her green shoes don’t flip off her dancing feet, and she doesn’t close her mouth long enough to stop singing. If anything of the sort happens, life, as we know it, would sadly be over. 

Friends know her as Sherri, the mystical yet silly soul with a voice oozing soul, depth and heartfelt emotion rich in unique quality. In the illusive blur of the past decade, she has crafted a fantastical musical style celebrated by thousands of families across the northeast. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, young Sherri spent time soaking up the sounds of her grandma Gussie, who rocked Sherri as a small child, singing with a voice tender and emotional enough to make full a powerful, almost transcendental imprint.


By 10, Sherri was fully engrossed in learning to dance, sing and play guitar at summer camp and at Brooklyn College. She was even lucky enough to have a musical babysitter introduce her to The Beatles, Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell. Her career was set in motion when she and her brother and three sisters set up a stage in the backyard, charging 10 cents per ticket for their own brand of Ehrlich style entertainment. 

She soaked up even more knowledge at Lee Strasburg Theater Institute and New York University in The Big Apple and took no time flat to blossom into a budding rockstar bursting with creativity as a front woman of original bands in the ‘80s and ‘90s, like Atomic Passion and Gods and Goddesses; and a back-up singer for Spanish pop star, Miguel Bose’s European tour. 

With the birth of her son came a rebirth of her own. She sang to him and with him day and night, and helped him become a fantastically talented creative writer, not to mention a blues fan. She realized that music was the essence of her spirit and her gift to the world, especially children. In 1993, she became the wizard of Honey Child Music in Red Bank, NJ, a candy-colored conservatory, where she has taught a generation of aspiring Bach's, Beethoven's and Basie's, hosted birthday parties and filmed numerous music videos and her very own children’s television show, “Miss Sherri Live”. 

Children adore Miss Sherri, not only for the musical fairy dust she has sprinkled on them, but for the characters she has created and introduced into the world of musical whimsy. Miss Sherri performs concerts with The Little Animal Band, who have made a Rock-Roaring and refreshing splash in children’s entertainment. Audiences are repeatedly wowed by the sonic stampede of Miss Sherri, along with her hippest herd of interactive dancing', and singing' Little animal critters ever. 

With the belief that music is as nourishing as good food and fresh air, Miss Sherri’s award winning CD releases like "Jelly Belly Boogaloo" and "My Green Shoes," have gained much notoriety among the younger set and their families on a national scale. With six award winning CDs to her credit and a seventh on the way, co-written with Brian Breen in early 2021, keep your eyes and ears peeled for some more yummy Miss Sherri and the Little Animal Band music to quench your jelly bellies! 

Sherri Pie is the rocker, jazzy r&b, bluesy side of Sherri that she and her Sherri Pie Band create at Private Events, Weddings, Concerts, Vineyards, Restaurants and Jazz festivals throughout New Jersey and NYC. Stop by and check out their schedule at



Thomas Edison University


New York University


San Francisco City College

BA- Liberal Arts with a concentration in Creative Arts, Fitness, Early Childhood Education. NJ Pre K- 3rd grade teaching certificate

Studied Musical Theatre in The Gallatin Program, concentration in Vocal performance.

Graphic Design and Illustration major as well as focus in fitness, cross country, track and field, swimming and dance

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